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Services Provided

 Stevie is Currently on Maternity leave so until further notice unfortunately all services will not be available. She appreciates your patience during this time and recommends keeping up to date with her planned return and other helpful training ideas via Facebook.

  1. Puppy Socialisation and Training Classes
    Our Puppy Socialisaton and Training classes are available for any dog up to 8 months old. Our classess cover everything necassary for your dog to move forward in the world confidently and with the basics behaviours that can help strenthen and build upon you and your families bond with them. The classes include, learning the acceptable behaviours involved in Socialising with one another, Desensitisation, Handling, Basic Loose lead and Recall, Manners with food and basic tricks eg. sit, stay, down. We also teach you how to recongise your dogs body language as well as a basic understanding in how dogs learn and much more. Max 9 puppies per class
  2. Private Training
    We offer 1-2-1 training and behaviour modification sessions in the comfort of your own home or preffered location. Ideally this would be the starting point for any first time owner as well as any dog that has developed unwanted behaviours within the home. 1-2-1 Training can also be a prefferable option for those with hectic schedules as we are able to be flexible around your timetable. There are many other benifits to training 1-2-1 and all of these begin with a FREE assessment in which we will come and gather as much information about your canine friend and your situation in order to make an specialised individual plan to move forward with.
  3. Rescue Dog Rehabillitation
    For any of you fellow dog lovers out there generous enough to have given a home and a new life to a rescue dog, you may have also taken on some of the issues the dog would have developed in its previous way of living. These behaviours can range from anxiety of any kind to previously learnt aggression and anything in between. Here at a Dog's Best Friend we pride ourselves on catering to every individual dogs abilities and work towards teaching the dog while ensuring they can maintain a positive and relaxed state of mind.
  4. Clicker Training
    Clicker Training is a method that has hit the animal training world by storm in recent years. This is a credit to how effective it is within the industry and once learnt its a simple and consistant way to encourage contant learning experiences/opportunities throughout a dogs life. A Dogs Best Friend offers specific group classes for any owner wishing to learn how to effectivly clicker train their dog as well as also incorporating it into their private training sessions.
  5. Back to Basics Classes
    We at a Dogs Best Friend we offer group session based around learning the basic tricks and necessary behaviours to ensure a happy, stress free and strong relationship with your dog. During these classes we cover introducing and strengthening behaviours such as basic attention Sit, Stay, loose leash basics, recall and emergency stop and much more. max 9 dogs per class.
  6. Trick Training and Basic Agility Classes
    We offer a brilliant group class for anyone looking to move forward with their dog training. Its a great way to inject even more fun and bonding opportunities into the relationship between you and your canine companion and also has the perk of being a great way to entertain and impress others. During these lessons we cover basic tricks and agility starting with your basic sit, stay, down and then moving onto bows, spins, leg weaves, rollover and hand targetting just to name a few. And of course we have fun with our agility jumps, tunnels and weaves too. So if your fancy a fun and challenging way to engage your dog (and family too) then this is the class for you! Max 9 dogs per class.
  7. VIP Puppy Package
    Our VIP puppy Package is perfect for anyone looking to get a jump start on training from day one of bringing your new addition home. It entails two private home training sessions (pre vaccination if needed) and 4 weeks placement in our Puppy Socialisation and basic training group class with a personalised plan working specifically to your training priorities.